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Nannies and the end of lockdown

Posted on 2020-11-04 22:06:26

Over the last few months, so many of our families have been building even closer relationships than those that might have existed before. Many parents have been spending more time with their children, and despite the frustration this can cause - such as when homeschooling clashes with remote working needs - many of them have appreciated that their kids are much more attuned to the world, and so appreciate a greater length of close contact. Many have thrived through what has been a traumatic period for our nation.
Now, though, we have seen the start of what is being called 'the new normal'. Children return to school - but it's surely now a very different part of their lives than it was before. Parents may be returning to physical work locations, perhaps at different times and for amended periods. In these ways, life can start to impinge on the kind of deeper relationships parents have formed, especially with their youngest ones.
This is a time when considering adding a nanny to your household, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, could be a truly progressive parenting move. A trusted nanny, provided by a recognised leader in the hiring process, can bridge those gaps that might appear in continual close contact as situations change.
It's true that choosing a nanny with the skill set and experience to match your needs is a very careful process. With that choice made, a nanny then provides that extra degree of support, to parents as well as children, and can build on what has been gained by so many families during the lockdown.

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